Promoting partnership working in the NHS

East Midlands SPF

EMThe East Midlands Social Partnership Forum is a partnership between NHS organisations in the region and regional trade union representatives. It mirrors and supports the national arrangements for partnership working on the workforce implications of policy.

The role of the forum is to work in partnership, and involve employer and staff organisations in meaningfully considering future changes that impact across more than one organisation, to identify the workforce implications of the changes. It enables frank debate and exchanges regarding the development of the NHS workforce across the East Midlands.

The forum will monitor and support progress in meeting the NHS Constitution staff pledges.

The forum will not pursue matters that effect individual organisations, but may, with agreement provide a forum for negotiated agreement across organisations.                                                                                                                   


The forum is co-chaired by Janine Brennan, Director of Workforce and Transformation, Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust, and Sheila Marriott, Royal College of Nursing.

Representation from each staff organisation listed in the national Partnership Agreement.  The staff organisations will elect a co-chair and vice-chair.

  • Nominated individual with understanding of strategic workforce implications of policy change from each of the East Midlands NHS service providers, including those designated as Any Qualified Provider (AQP) (for example Director of HR).  The management side organisations will elect a co-chair.
  • Representation of the East Midlands Local Education Training Board (LETB)
  • Representation from the Greater East Midlands Commissioining Support Unit (GEM CSU)
  • Representation from NHS Employers

In circumstances where absence is unavoidable, the above members may send a named deputy who can represent the relevant organisation.

Dates of meetings for 2019 are:

8 March 2019 13.30-4pm
Holiday Inn Sandiacre, Nottingham
4 April 2019 All day    Kettering Conference Centre
9 May 2019 13.30-4pm
Holiday Inn Sandiacre, Nottingham
13 September 2019 13.30-4pm
Holiday Inn Sandiacre, Nottingham
6 December 2019 13.30-4pm
Holiday Inn Sandiacre, Nottingham

UPDATE: Please note that regional SPF meeting dates for 2019 may still be subject to change. If you have anything you wish to be raised at the meetings or if you would like any further information, please contact engagementmidlands&