Tips and considerations to support staff during winter

Read the East Midlands SPF's winter guide for NHS managers, staff, HR practitioners and trade union colleagues.

17 January 2024

The East Midlands SPF created winter top tips for staff and managers to support health and wellbeing during winter.

Given the ongoing pressures of winter, prepare for winter early and involve staff and trade unions in the process. This includes offering staff flu/COVID-19 vaccinations from autumn onwards and giving staff the opportunity to be vaccinated in their place of work (wards etc).

  1. Ensure you regularly promote all staff support activities to managers and staff, as they may not be aware of them.
  2. Assist managers to understand the importance of getting to know their staff, including their personal circumstances, preferences, and constraints. This will help them support individuals in the best way possible.
  3. It’s important to consider health and wellbeing in a broad sense and develop a range of activities and services for all staff. These may include directing staff to support their financial health and wellbeing. Visit our NHS staff health and wellbeing web page to access health and wellbeing resources.
  4. Make sure to provide staff with sufficient time to access the support they need, and where possible in working hours. Communicate the importance of staff looking after their own health and wellbeing and promote ways the organisation can help. 
  5. Ensure that related policies and procedures are being applied fairly and consistently across the organisation, by assisting managers with their interpretation and use.
  6. It’s important to ensure you have got the basics in place for the health and wellbeing of your team. Here are a few things to consider: 
    - Do teams have access to relevant facilities such as hot water and hot food (or the ability to make it) throughout the day and night? 
    - Are staff provided with a space away from work where they can decompress and relax
    - Could you offer discounted prices for hot meals for staff in the hospital canteen?

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