Promoting partnership working in the NHS

East of England SPF


The East of England regional Social Partnership Forum is made up of representatives from both trade union representatives and employers and meets regularly to discuss key strategic agenda items.

The East of England Social Partnership Forum will:

  • contribute ideas on the workforce implications of developing policy where such policy is of common interest to employers and trade unions across the East of England
  • contribute to workforce planning, the training and development policies and the five year skills strategy of the East of England Local and Education Training Board (LETB)
  • communicate to develop a shared understanding of the challenges facing the NHS, for example, Francis, QIPP,  and to develop advice and guidance where the partners agree it is appropriate
  • receive updates on topical issues from the national Social Partnership Forum
  • consider the application of flexibilities in the NHS terms and conditions handbook (Agenda for Change agreement)
  • receive reports on hot issues from employers and trade unions to understand perspectives from the partners
  • maintain and monitor the application of the East of England employment framework
  • consider reports on changes monitored through the East of England workforce dashboard.  


The forum is co-chaired by Sasha Pearce, Regional Manager, UNISON, Jan Bloomfield, Executive Director of Workforce & Communications, West Suffolk Hospitals NHS Trust and Liz Cooke, Head of Human Resources, Norfolk Community Health and Care NHS Trust.


  • at least four human resource directors (or Deputy HRDs) from employing trusts or foundation trusts within the East of England, drawn from both the HRD network plus the regional representative on NHS Employers’ Policy Board
  • chief executive of the East of England Local Education Training Board (LETB)
  • a director of a workforce partnership group within the East of England
  • a chief operating officer from the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) chief operating officers’ network from within the East of England
  • a director or head of HR from the Commissioning Support Unit (CSU) network from within the East of England
  • a representative of the trust development authority
  • a representative from NHS Employers
  • secretary/minute taker from NHS Employers

Trade unions:

  •  One representative from each regional trade union nationally recognised.


  •  Co-opted members as appropriate – by mutual agreement.

In addition, the SPF may invite individuals to attend the forum to provide specialist advice or as observers, by mutual agreement.

Dates of meetings for 2019 are:

15 January 2019    10-2pm Newmarket Racecourse, Cambridge
4 April 2019 All day 

Kettering Conference Centre, Thurston Drive, Kettering, Northants

14 May 2019 10-4pm Newmarket Racecourse, Cambridge
19 September 2019 10-2pm Newmarket Racecourse, Cambridge 
12 December 2019 10-2pm Newmarket Racecourse, Cambridge 

UPDATE: Please note that regional SPF meeting dates for 2019 may still be subject to change. If you have anything you wish to be raised at the meetings or if you would like any further information, please contact: engagementmidlands&










The SPF creating positive cultures summit held in November 2017, brought together NHS employers, ALBs and trade unions to reflect on the first year of the Tackling bullying in the NHS: a collective call to action, and set priorities for the year ahead. Regions/trusts were each asked to complete a poster to share their tackling bullying projects and initiatives. The following posters from East of England were displayed at the summit, and show the excellent progress being made to create positive workplace cultures in NHS organisations within the region.

Bullying and harassment plan 2017/2018 - Essex Partnership NHS Trust

Zero tolerance - Cambridgeshire & Peterborough CCG

Survey monkey for midwives - Colchester Hospital University NHS Foundation Trust

Tackling bullying and harassment - Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust

Be a buddy, not a bully - Norfolk Community Health and Care NHS trust

Common culture of quality care – Luton CCG

Common culture of quality care - East and North Hertfordshire CCG

Common culture of quality care - Herts Valleys Clinical Commissioning Group

Common culture of quality care – Bedfordshire CCG