Wider Group

The Wider Group is a group managed by the SPF to bring together partners.
A diverse group discussion.

The SPF Wider Group currently meets quarterly. It is chaired by a Minister of State for Health and Care. 

Items may be placed on the agenda by any of the parties. Secretariat arrangements are led by the Department of Health and Social Care, who liaise with key contacts from NHS trade unions, NHS Employers, Health Education England, and NHS England. All partners are encouraged to use the forum to showcase effective partnership working in line with its aims. 

The SPF chairs manage business and maintain proper conduct of meetings and are responsible for ensuring that individual members uphold the partnership principles and the co-operative spirit of the forum. 

To help facilitate effective working the partners agree to the following:

  • every effort will be made to provide information in good time for discussion and/or consultation
  • all parties will undertake to provide a considered, co-ordinated and timely response to issues on which their views are sought/on which they are consulted
  • all parties to respect confidentiality where it is required or requested, and otherwise to conduct their dialogue openly. 

Key communications from the Wider Group meetings are agreed by all partners and published on the SPF website.

For more information see the SPF Wider Group Terms of Reference.