Submitting a winning award entry: HPMA partnership award

We have gathered some hints and tips to help you submit a winning entry for the HPMA partnership award.

12 January 2022

Should we enter?

1. Does your initiative show the benefits of social partnership working?
2. Was there partnership working with trade unions from the outset?
3. Has the initiative made a real difference to staff experience/service delivery/
 patient care?

If the answer to all three is a yes, then please submit an entry for the award.

Checklist of content

Your entry should include specific information that describes how your initiative meets the award criteria and why it is worthy of the award, as follows.

  • A clear description of your project, background including rationale, context, objectives, planning and implementation; demonstrating genuine partnership working between employers and trade unions not simply collaboration.
  • Explicit detail about how employers and trade unions and any other relevant partners were brought together, the challenges they faced and how they were overcome.
  • Evaluation of the impact of your project, for example did the initiative improve patient experience, increase the efficiency of the organisation, improve staff experience and/or deliver a significant saving or influence HR practice?
  • Sustainability, transferability and lessons learnt.

Helpful hints

  1. Prepare – allow sufficient time to prepare and submit your entry, familiarise yourself with the award criteria – remember the deadline for entries.
  2. Keep it simple – write in plain English. Be clear and concise, avoid jargon, keep your sentences short (15 to 20 words is a good average) and make sure you break longer sentences with commas or use bullet points. Avoid sweeping generalisations, make every sentence count.
  3. Keep to the word count limits and provide enough information and context for the judges to become familiar with the specific challenges faced, actions taken, and results or goals met. Pay attention to grammar, spelling and punctuation – this instils trust and integrity. The judges are more likely to trust the information if there are no spelling mistakes or errors in the entry.
  4. Involve the right people – this initiative is a partnership effort, employers and trade unions should work together to prepare the entry and both be content with the final version.
  5. Review your entry – ask others to read the entry before you submit it. It can be helpful to ask someone who was not directly involved in the work. An independent reviewer will not have detailed knowledge of the initiative and may suggest ways to make the entry stronger.


Take a look at the 2021 winning initiative, Partnership working at its best: South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, and read about all three finalists from 2021 talking about their projects, the challenges they faced and how they worked in partnership from the outset to develop solutions.

And finally… good luck. We hope to see you at the 2022 HPMA Excellence in HRM awards ceremony.