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The SPF Staff Transfer Guide

Social Partnership Forum Staff Transfer Guide

Welcome to the Social Partnership Forum (SPF) Staff Transfer Guide. The guide is an online toolkit designed to support staff who are facing transfer to providers of NHS funded services in England. It is an easy to use, practical guide to an individual's employment standards and rights.

The SPF is committed to supporting staff through change and transfer. The guide has been developed to explain what employment standards staff have the right to expect wherever they undertake NHS work. It applies to all staff in England whether they work directly for an NHS employer or for an organisation contracted to undertake NHS work. It provides essential information should staff transfer between one employer and another.

If you are transferring out of England to a job working for a provider of NHS funded services in another part of the UK, you may want to discuss the implications for your employment standards and rights with your HR or trade union representative. More information on the NHS in the rest of the UK can be found on the following websites:

The responsibilities of an employee carrying out NHS funded work

The legal duties and information on the standards that staff undertaking NHS work should be aiming to achieve are set out in the NHS Constitution.

What kind of transfer? Pick your route

I am employed in the NHS and transferring to another job in the NHS - the red route

I am employed in the NHS and transferring to a job in a local authority - the green route

I am employed in the NHS and transferring to a job with an independent provider (this includes private sector companies, charities, not for profit organisations, and social enterprises) - the blue route

I am employed in the NHS and transferring to a job in a GP practice - the orange route

Useful resources

We have included links throughout the guide to documents and further guidance and these can all be found on our resource library web page.

Frequently asked questions

We asked employers and trade union representatives what the key issues are for staff facing transfer, and the questions they are most frequently asked. Visit our frequently asked questions web page to read the questions and answers under each route.

How to use the SPF Staff Transfer Guide

The guide is primarily designed to be used online by members of staff involved in a transfer. Some of the information may need an explanation to help staff understand the implications. We suggest that wherever possible managers, HR advisers or trade union representatives talk through the guide with individuals as this will add real value to the information provided.

The SPF secretariat will work to ensure this guide is kept up to date to reflect legal practice and policy and is amended as new information is confirmed. The SPF Staff Transfer Guide applies to NHS staff working in England only. It aims to consolidate in one place the standards and rights that staff can expect when they face transfer, and after the point of transfer. It is meant as a guide to facilitate further discussion with local employers and/or trade union representatives on individual circumstances. The guide signposts and brings together existing information on employment standards, legislation, policy and guidance.