NHS Staff Survey results 2023 – response from the national SPF

Read our response to the 2023 NHS Staff Survey results.

7 March 2024

Today has seen the release of the 2023 NHS Staff Survey results.

The survey is an important barometer of how staff feel about working in the NHS and can be used to improve their experience of work, enabling them to provide high quality patient care and services.

We urge employers and trade unions at an organisational level to look at the findings to identify possible problem areas and to work together to agree, develop, and put in place solutions. Results that are positive and/or show improvements can be used to highlight, reward, and share learning. We also encourage a social partnership approach at a system and regional level to use the results to identify and spread good practice.

The national SPF will use the survey results to assess progress against our national priorities, which includes the findings on violence prevention and reduction which will support the development of our recommendations to Government to identify ways to tackle and reduce violence against NHS staff. The national SPF will use the results of the new question in the survey on sexual harassment to assist the development of a campaign on the role of bystanders and allies in supporting sexual safety in the NHS. We will also use findings relating to staff retention, and equality, diversity and inclusion to inform our work and work programme into 2024/25.

Helga Pile, Trade Union SPF Co-chair

Danny Mortimer, NHS Employers SPF Co-chair